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A Master is not Responsible for You

No Master is responsible for anybody. A Master comes into our lives simply because we have a deep longing for our own spiritual evolvement. This does not mean that the Master takes on the responsibility for our spiritual growth. What the Master does is plant the seed of spirituality within us, after that it is our responsibility whether to water that seed and make it grow into a huge banyan tree or ignore it and let the seed go waste.

In this world of illusion one can find a true Master only if one has accumulated good karma in the past and current birth — one needs to have attained that mass of goodness to reach the launching pad for liberation — and that can happen only when one meets a true self-realised Master.

Spiritual Masters are free from attachment as they do not derive any value from worldly or material things. One can tell an indifferent individual from an enlightened fellow in that the former is insensitive and dispassionate about the world while the latter still loves, is passionate, and excited about things around him without being attached to them. Instead, a true master recognises the temporary nature of worldly possessions and chooses to focus on embellishing his heart and soul.

Masters are non-judgemental in nature. A spiritual master accepts a person as he/she is. They recognise the unique quality in every individual and they embrace that quality and love everything about that individual.

Another trait of a spiritual master is that they are one with nature. Unlike the world around that treats nature as a resource to be exploited, a master appreciates every part of it. They understand the interconnectedness of all life and that the world is our common home. They treat nature with respect and live as equal participants realising that we are all children of the universe.

I believe that all the other traits of a spiritual master flow from the fact they are the personification of love. Unlike most people who find it challenging to love unreservedly, enlightened folks love unconditionally. They have a deep appreciation for all people and nature and understand that love is the universal language. Understood by man and nature alike.

It is important to find our own Guru, get the seed and then take on the responsibility for our own spiritual growth. That is the only way we can repay our debt to our Guru — by becoming our own Guru and showing the path to other seekers.



Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude

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Girish Borkar

Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude