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A Satguru Shows You Your Self

We are all aware that the relationship between a Guru and his disciple is a spiritual one. It is a quest for one’s own identity, the ultimate quest of self-discovery. One knowingly or unknowingly seeks out a Spiritual Master, a Satguru, but rest assured it is not you who has found the Master, it is always the Master who finds you. When the time is right you will be led right up to him or her.

One invariably starts seeking a Guru when one is in a dark space filled with stress and problems, when one has achieved everything in life but there is still discontent, when one feels the urge to find out who we really are and why we have taken birth. All these and many more questions for which we have no answers, make us set out to find a Master who can give us the answers and show us the path to inner peace.

We all need help to be able to see ourselves for who we really are. That is the job of the Satguru — he sees you as you really are — actually sees deep inside you and knows all your personal foibles from this birth as well as from the past births, of which you are completely unaware. He sees you for what you are — a holy soul, a part of universal consciousness that has got disconnected from the whole, he perceives this truth through the medium of infinite love, which he represents.

Each and every disciple loves his/her Guru, the Guru may admonish you but still those are his words of blessings and each and every disciple who has surrendered completely to the Guru accepts those words as blessings. The Guru plants the seed of self-realisation and gives a glimpse to each disciple of who they really are during collective meditation sessions. The disciple is awakened and his curiosity is aroused enough for him/her to start their own spiritual practice.

This self-realisation facilitated by the Satguru, who serves as a mirror for the disciple, reflecting the disciple’s outward as well as innermost desires, thus revealing to the disciple who they really are.

The Satguru reminds the disciples of God and his infinite love for every soul, in a way the Satguru shows the disciples that God exists within each one of them, that they are a part of the universe and the universe is a part of them — he gives them a glimpse of who they really are. This happens because the Satguru shows you the mirror, shows you your own reflection and makes you realise who you really are!

When one meets one’s Satguru, one’s approach should be open minded with a sense of humility, respect, appreciation and a sense of adventure, the Satguru can become a doorway, a magic mirror through which the disciple can walk into the realm of infinite possibilities. Ultimately you become your own Guru.



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