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A Spiritual Journey into Silence

Girish Borkar
3 min readDec 1, 2023


In the cacophony of our modern lives, where the hustle and bustle of daily existence drowns the whispers of our inner selves, the importance of silence emerges as a guiding beacon on the spiritual path. Beyond the noise of the external world lies a profound realm of tranquillity and wisdom — a sanctuary that beckons us to discover the transformative power of silence.

Silence is not merely the absence of noise but a profound state of being that allows us to connect with the depths of our innermost selves. In the stillness, we find a sacred space where thoughts dissolve, and the essence of our true nature becomes palpable. It is a canvas upon which the universe paints its most profound revelations.

Amidst the constant chatter of our minds and the external world, the soul’s whispers often go unheard. Embracing silence is an act of profound listening — a way to attune ourselves to the subtle melodies of our inner being. In the quietude, we discover the guidance and intuition that can only be discerned when the mind is stilled.

Silence serves as a potent balm for the wounds of the soul. In its embrace, we find solace and healing. The gentle quietude allows us to confront our innermost fears, anxieties, and uncertainties, fostering a space where profound transformation can occur. It is in the stillness that we mend, rejuvenate, and emerge stronger.

Many spiritual traditions recognise silence as a gateway to the divine. Whether through meditation, prayer, or contemplative practices, seekers throughout history have sought communion with the sacred in the hallowed silence. It is in this quiet communion that we transcend the limitations of the material world and touch the eternal.

Meditation is the doorway to this profound silence which one finds in the depths of one’s being. Swamiji has taught us to go deep within and connect with our inner selves in the profundity of this silence. This connection brings forth immense inner joy and bliss.

Silence is an invitation to be fully present in the moment — a practice often lost in the frenetic pace of modern life. By embracing silence, we cultivate mindfulness, bringing our attention to the richness of each experience. In this mindful presence, we unlock the potential for profound joy and gratitude in the simplest of moments.

While personal silence is transformative, the communal practice of silence also holds immense power. Shared moments of quiet reflection, group meditation, or simply being present with others in stillness can deepen our connections, fostering a sense of unity beyond words.

In a world that incessantly demands our attention, the importance of silence cannot be overstated on the spiritual journey. It is a sacred refuge where we find the essence of our being, heal our wounds, connect with the divine, and embrace the transformative power of mindful presence. As we delve into the symphony of silence, we discover not only the profound wisdom within but also the interconnectedness that binds all existence in the tranquil embrace of the eternal now.



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