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Absolute Faith

Girish Borkar
3 min readAug 10, 2022


Absolute faith means there is no concept of self at all. If I say, “I believe absolutely”, it means there should be no opposition to that within myself. When we say we are united with God, there should be no ego. “Absolute faith” is the belief in something regardless of lack of evidence or evidence to the contrary.

We look to God or to the Supreme Power usually when we are in trouble or face some kind of personal crisis, till such time God is considered to be a given and we don’t bother remembering God, and gratitude is out of the question! We rush to God because we expect quick-fix solutions — we want to do a trade with God, we tell God that if you do this thing for me, I will do so and so for you! There is no faith in this — this is purely transactional! Faith cannot be transactional, nor does God act in this manner.

For the God within us to become active we need to have the qualities that bring forth the divinity which exists within each and every one of us. When we follow the path of truth, love and karma we become worthy of God’s Grace. Our absolute faith in the divine enables us to delve deep within ourselves and bring forth the courage and the wisdom to face our problems and overcome them.

Even after maintaining faith, some people have complaints and objections regarding the divine will. Questions like ‘why did this happen’ start raising their head. This is because having left everything to faith and their belief in God; they start living according to their self-chosen path. The ‘doer-ship’ of their conviction, that God has to keep everything ‘in order’ (for their good) because of their faith in him, takes prominence.

Human beings do not have the wisdom to realise the fact that we have to be open and deserving of God’s grace when it descends. Because of ignorance caused by falsehood, pride, hypocrisy, selfishness, attachment, egos etc the doors of our heart are closed towards divine grace. Open these, and see that not only divine grace but divinity itself will flow towards us.

Absolute faith has three variations — firstly, the energy created by pure, complete unconditional love helps in either thwarting the threat or diminishing it to such an extent, that it does not matter. Second, if with full awareness, dhyan, wisdom and spontaneity, the situation is analysed, initiating the right conduct at the right time, the dynamics of the situation can be changed to save oneself. Lastly — the force and power of truth! To face the truth with absolute fearlessness — knowing the fact that the truth of the moment demands that one should make the sacrifice, that it has divine sanction, and yet remain unaffected by it.

Faith is the pride and beauty of humanity, the source of energy and only through truth, love and karma, can the human body become a medium for one’s spiritual evolution. Always keep the locks to the door of your heart open with the keys of faith, truth, love and karma — this is the essence of life!



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