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Age Limits for Meditation

A question which is commonly asked is what is the right age for meditation. There is no right or wrong age for meditation. Whenever you have a deep desire within you to start meditation, you should do so and you should do it only because you feel good and for no other reason.

Swamiji has said that even a 5 years old child can sit for meditation if he/she has carried that treasure from the previous birth. Swamiji says you should start meditating when you are young because then you have time on your hands to achieve the desired results. The desired result being the nurturing of the seed of spirituality planted within you by Swamiji — make it take root and grow it into a massive banyan tree.

You can start meditating in the 50s. 60s, 70s even on reaching a century — it does not matter. Because once you get the seed and start nurturing it then whether in this birth or the next or the one after that you will definitely reach the state of liberation, that is a guarantee given by the Master.

Osho has said that once you become my Sanyasi, there is nothing you can do, I will take you to liberation in a maximum of three births. So, if you love to meditate — make it your hobby and sit for meditation — don’t take it to be a task or something you ‘must do’. If it becomes a ‘must do’ item in your daily routine then it becomes nothing more than a chore and in time you will lose interest.

Your love for meditation should be such that if you miss meditation for reasons beyond your control, then you should get a feeling that something is amiss, something is not right, that uncomfortable feeling will make you sit for meditation at the earliest opportunity. This becomes a calling from deep within you, it is your soul telling you, guiding you, to do your internal cleansing.

If you have somehow stumbled on to the path of meditation, or you have been guided on this path, doesn’t matter how you have come on this path — do it because you love it, because it makes you feel good — no matter what your age, no matter how old or infirm you are. Just sit for meditation, connect with the divine, and let the divine wash away all your questions and leave you filled with bliss and joy.




Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude

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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude

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