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Asking For Liberation

Swamiji is said to be the ‘Bestower of Liberation’ (Moksha-daata) of the present time. He has also said that just pray for liberation and He will hold your hand till the end. Swamiji has instilled the seed of awakening within us (his disciples) — and he has shown us the path to liberation. He has done his part — now it is up to us for doing our part. Asking or praying for liberation is not going to grant us liberation, because it is not that simple and, in a way, it is simpler than that.

Asking or praying for liberation is a non-starter because nobody can grant you liberation, it is your own spiritual practice that gives you this state. Actually, each one of us is liberated on taking birth itself, it is only that we live in ignorance of our true state, and hence we end up in the karmic cycle till we find our spiritual Master or Satguru who reminds us of our true nature and shows us the way to get out of the cycle. After He shows us the way and we start following the path, we find ourselves going within and thus renew our connection with the ‘self’.

We need to drop all our complexities, drop all our unnecessary mind games — we need to become silent and still and we will find it at the core of our being; it is there but it is still a very small voice. The noise created by our mind is cacophonic that we cannot hear it clearly — the mind has become a market place — there is so much noise that we have lost all contact with ourself; and that is why we are disconnected from God.

The inward journey, with continuous practise over time, makes us more and more relaxed, the silence starts enveloping our being and then we hear those beautiful chimes ringing within. We begin to hear that tiny voice, the voice of our soul — we have never lost it ever, not even for a single moment. It cannot be lost.

That is why all great seers of the world have insisted that Godliness is our nature. We need to become one with it — get out of the duality and see our own self for who we really are. Once we do that, we realise that we are one with existence, utterly one! Then we are nothing but a pulsation of existence itself, just a ripple in the lake of this vast, infinite consciousness.

Just because we were searching and searching, in this frantic external search we never looked within. We never looked at the treasure that we already had within us as we became too obsessed with the external world. We forgot the language of the inner, we completely forgot that there is an interior in us and that God lies within us only — we are ONE with God, one with Universal Consciousness.

Don’t ask for liberation, you are already free, just realise that you are free by going deep within and merging with your true nature — once you discover this, the bliss and joy you feel is nothing that you have ever felt before — you will become light, you will feel as if you are floating. Let us all embrace our true nature by accepting who we truly are.



Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude

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Girish Borkar

Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude