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Become More Joyful

One should actually find out what brings one joy rather than think that this is what gives me joy. We have all been taught that we will be happy when we make money, find our life-partner, work at something we love and so on. We also know that the greatest amount of wealth and money cannot buy you happiness and joy, and in India we just have to go on the streets to see that the urchins are full of joy as they play in the moment — they have no fear of losing!

Some people try to use substances to ‘find’ joy — drugs, alcohol, smoking — but I have never met anyone who was truly joyous using any of these means — that joy if any, is always temporary and fleeting. On introspection, you will realise that joy is not the result of something that you DO, joy is a state of BEING that enters your heart when you are open to learning, to spiritual growth, to spiritual connection, and to taking loving care of yourself.

Joy, like love and truth is a gift of the soul. Joy, love and truth enter your being when your heart is open. Being in blissful joy is just like finding the harmony of your own musical score with the right combination of notes and melodies. This joy can lead us to the sunshine of life mending us into cosmic perfection of inner light and radiance.

We have all observed children as they smile and gurgle in joyous innocence, not a care in the world. Similarly, it is important to nurture and nourish the inner child, it should feel joy when it is loved by me, cherished by me, valued by me. One feels joy when the inner child knows that it is being taken care of, knowing that one is connecting with the guidance provided within by soul consciousness and that one is devoted to one’s emotional and spiritual growth.

In our spiritual journey, during big events, when devotional songs are played, we notice that we are standing — not of our own volition — but the exuberant music and the energy in that atmosphere makes us get up and dance in gay abandon. We are living in the moment, filled with joy and happiness, peace and calm as our body dances in tune with the music.

Joy comes to the fore one moment at a time, through the well-being, success and good fortune you encounter as you simply awaken to the radiance of who you really are. Just stand in the here and now and look beyond your limitations. Love life, and love what is, and the more it will love you. If you love yourself and love your life, the more joy can be felt from deep within your core.



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude