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Being of Service

We all serve others more or less all our lives. As Swamiji says, at the limited level you serve your family — that is your duty and responsibility, you serve your society, your city, your state, your country — and at each level you are serving more and more people. But there is one selfless service which reaches all mankind and beyond, that is service in promotion of the Guru’s goal — Guru-karya, and for some very privileged few it is Guru-seva — direct service to the Guru — when one gets this kind of opportunity and proximity one is actually serving millions of souls who are connected directly or indirectly to the Guru. This is the highest and best kind of service.

The work done in promoting the Guru’s goal and in serving the Guru — please do not make the mistake that ‘I have done this or that’ — the Guru or Master in his infinite capacity ensures that the work gets done through you as the medium. All you have to do is make yourself empty, become an empty pipe, a true medium through which the Guru’s energy flows. Once this happens even the most difficult of tasks just happen, things which appeared impossible just hours before miraculously take place and you are left open mouthed in awe! How did this happen? That is when you end up thanking the Guru-energies for making you the medium for such difficult tasks.

The feeling to serve others or help others without any selfish motive comes from deep within. Once the heart chakra is developed, the more your serve the more it opens up. It is extremely important to ensure that you perform this service without any attachment with full realisation that you are not doing anything and that you are only an instrument in doing God’s will.

We are all tools in the hands of our Guru. The Guru gives each and every one of us more than enough energy to carry out his multiple tasks. It is up to us how we expend that energy. We could do it to uplift our spiritual state or waste it on material things — that choice is always ours. That is part of the free will — but do we use our free will wisely? The answer to this question will be provided to us by our soul.

Deep down we know what we are doing — good or bad, right or wrong, selflessly or selfishly — whatever we do, when it is in service of the Guru then it is in service of mankind, when this work happens selflessly your spiritual state becomes very high, you remain in the zone for a long time savouring the bliss.



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

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