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Beyond Time & Space

When we are in the present moment, we transcend both time and space. We are truly in the now. The present moment is beyond time. One can live in this no-time, no-space paradigm while fully breathing the present in its totality.

Almost all of us live our lives either in the past or in the future as we are never in the now. We go back in time and pick up a few nostalgic memories wrapped up as happy moments. Even if there are happy moments in our present we tend to go and chew on the past as a matter of habit, or go on hoping for something nice to happen in the future. We hardly ever think of the present moment at all as our mind keeps vacillating between the past and the future. If we manage to let go of the past and future, the present moment will appear in its immense beauty as eternity. This moment — this very moment — is beyond time. Through deep practice of meditation one can live continuously for months together in this no-time, no-space paradigm while fully breathing the present in its totality.

Osho says if you do not think, there won’t be any concept of time. That is why in meditation time stands still — one is suspended in a state of timelessness.

Love is something which transcends time, when in love the sense of time evaporates. Love is not thinking, it is a complete cessation of thought. The love relationship between a Master and disciple is one such relationship which transcends time, space and distance. Once your Satguru has established his seed of meditation in you, he is always there with you in subtle form. You can sense his presence around you, his love around you — you just think of him, and he is there!

Love is the only phenomenon which destroys space, distance, time. Perhaps science will never be able to understand it. Perhaps it is beyond the scope of science. But it is not beyond the scope of poetry, of religion. It is not beyond the scope of meditation. It is not beyond the scope of every individual who is ready to dissolve himself into love. Science then remains a faraway echo, and love becomes the only reality. Love cannot be proved. It can be only be experienced.

If you can feel your Master’s love in your heart, if you can sense his presence, know that he is there with you always wherever you are in the world. He is looking out for you, he is protecting you, a part of him is embedded in you like a GPS chip sending your information to him. He will never interfere in your life, but you remember him from the bottom of your heart and you will sense his presence.



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

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