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Bringing Positive Energy

We are living in times of strife — mostly man-made, but we have environmental issues caused again by man’s greed resulting in degradation of the environment which has resulted in natural calamities, extreme heat and cold! In this depressing global environment, we need to do everything possible to rejuvenate the earth. Certain spiritual leaders are carrying out campaigns to bring life into soil so that barren land can become fertile again.

For human beings, our spirit is extremely important along with a totally positive outlook on life to bring about this massive change in our environment over the next 30–40 years. We owe it to our future generations, specially after exploiting the natural resources for our own personal greed to the extent that mother earth herself has started protesting!

If each one of us plays our role by thinking and acting positively we can do wonders. People who are spiritual — most of them at least — are naturally positive. This is because by regularly practicing yoga and meditation, their aura itself becomes positive, they never get negative thoughts and if they do get thoughts, they are always positive.

It is all about what kind of energy we send out into the universe — if we radiate positivity, then only positive things happen in our life. If our focus is on the negative, then that is the energy we attract and our life takes a negative turn. On most highways you will see warning signs — ‘Accident Spot — Drive Slowly’. This is because that spot has seen a lot of accidents and the energy in that area becomes negative, which I believe results in accidents for those who do not heed the sign.

With meditation our attitude itself becomes positive, we begin to enjoy nature and bask in its serenity. It is important to perform random acts of kindness, by doing this you perk up your energy levels with the feel-good factor. As our inner journey starts going deeper, we naturally develop a sense of compassion and gratitude towards all. Being happy, jocular and fun-loving, making people laugh without hurting them, all these help in spreading positivity. Exercise regularly to get the adrenaline flowing early in the morning — this is a top mood booster.

Once we begin to live mindfully in the moment, we stop worrying about the positive and negative, we just focus on the moment and then it is with our full energy making the result always positive. When we throw all our attention, energy and resources on the now, we don’t leave any space for negative thoughts or worries!




Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude

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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude

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