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Busy Lives and God

Modern day life keeps everyone so busy that it appears that we rarely find time for God. We are studying, working, playing, and in our spare time either on social media or on visual media — finding time for God does not even cross our minds!

I remember a story which Swamiji had narrated during one of his discourses — he had seen a lady sweeping the floor of her house while chanting something. Out of curiosity Swamiji asked her what she was saying and she laughed and said that I am chanting, “I am sweeping my house, I am sweeping my house”. According to her by doing this she was focusing her entire energy on the job at hand. This is a prime example of living in the moment, living in joy while doing even a mundane chore.

If we treat whatever we are doing the moment as an offering to God as a form of worship, then howsoever busy we are it really does not matter. When we are cooking food for the family if we concentrate just on the cooking while praying to God to bless the food, then what we consume is actually blessed food.

Similarly at work, however nasty or demanding the job or our boss, if we just stay in the moment and perform our duties to the best of our ability then too it is like an offering to God. If the boss gets upset, just listen to what he has to say and move on — offer an apology and say that you will do better next time. Confrontation always leads to stress — so stay focused, stay balanced and ensure that the next time the boss does not have cause for complaint.

We have not come to earth to sit and talk about God or His glory, we have come to do some work, to serve humanity, to take care of everything and everybody. In a way we are all God’s baby-sitters as each being is God’s child. Everything on earth is God’s creation — trees, rivers, oceans, animals, insects — everything and everybody. So, even our pets or street urchins or street dogs are God’s creation, all we have to do is treat them with compassion as and when we come across them, however busy we are. Just a moment of love and care — carry biscuits with you and just hand them out to the needy, they will be forever grateful.

What I mean to say is however busy we may be, we are God’s children, God resides within each one of us, so all we need to do is respect nature and behave with love and compassion to all entities on earth — that is the food for our soul, the more we nurture it, the deeper we go and connect with the God within.




Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude

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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude

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