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Complete Freedom is Full of Love

Osho had once said that freedom has two sides — from and for. Most of us look at freedom from only one angle — ‘freedom from’ — this could be from nationality, from a certain religious place of worship (church, temple, synagogue, mosque), from a certain race, or from a particular political ideology. This is the first part of freedom — from something — once you have attained this freedom, you will feel very good, very happy and light as if you have removed an inner burden. For the first time you start rejoicing in your own individuality because all this time your individuality was covered with all those things which you have got rid of.

This is just half the issue, then you will start feeling sad as the other half is now missing — the freedom ‘from’ is fulfilled but what about freedom ‘for’? Freedom by itself is meaningless unless it is freedom for something that could be creative like freedom to paint, sculpt, dance and so on. Unless your freedom turns into a creative realisation, you will feel sad because you will notice that you are free, the chains are broken, you are no longer in a mental prison, you are completely free under the starry night, but the question is where to go?

Just freedom in itself has no meaning unless you become creative. You could go deeper into meditation for self-realisation, or you could become creative and discover skills which were hidden under the mental fetters — you could dance, write poems, create music, then the circle is complete.

Now you are completely free, something beautiful has happened, you are filled with love, selfless love! To express this love creatively you go on to discover hitherto hidden skills that express your freedom through creativity; else the freedom is empty. Once you are completely free you will notice that you are now filled completely with a feeling of love which is so fulfilling that it keeps oozing out of your being.

This feeling of love, this energy is felt by nature — by cats, dogs, butterflies, etc as they come close to you to feel the warmth and comfort of that energy. If this energy affects other beings in this manner, imagine the impact on fellow human beings — they too will feel the warmth, the glow of this energy around you.

The aura or love energy around you will make you radiant and light up like a lamp, your friends and not so good friends will be attracted towards you and they won’t know why — this is complete freedom, filled with love. I have personally experienced this in Swamiji’s presence — love, nothing but love energy!



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