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Discovering Spiritual Assets

When we take birth, we are accompanied by whatever merits we have gained through spiritual practices in the past births. This knowledge is stored within us and the moment we start our spiritual practise in this birth — those past birth impressions come back to us. Some of these merits will include the stored bank of spiritual DNA which we have already accumulated.

Language is a wonderful tool, it enables communication, but has varying degrees of accuracy depending on how it is used. The arena of spirituality is well known for the misuse of language because religions assimilate words and terms into their systems to bolster their legitimacy. So, when we talk about spiritual assets, we need to understand what these are.

People use the term spiritual gifts, but what they are really referring to are skills which can be learned, or philosophical arguments. One needs to find out what these terms really mean. Are they talking about the genuine spiritual treasures of the soul, or are they talking about religious dogma or practical skills. Abrahamic religions use this term in reference to skills, abilities, and talents which can be learned.

The Sanatan Dharma uses this term to describe tools and virtues of consciousness. These tools enable us to explore consciousness and find these treasures. The treasures are expressions of our highest human virtues. The tools and virtues of consciousness differ from philosophical theories and skills one learns, true tools help us find and open our spiritual gifts.

The virtues of the spirit are our most valuable assets. They are home to the highest expressions of human nature. There are nine virtues which correspond to each personality type. The virtues of the spirit are gratitude, joyfulness, happiness, love, thankfulness, blissfulness, appreciation, mindfulness, and serenity.

Western religion refers to spiritual gifts and virtues, however, they are not really talking about the nine virtues of the spirit. They use these terms as a bait and switch tactic and substitute the study of religious doctrine or texts, which has nothing to do with these gifts.

These treasures of our Soul are the legacy of our ancestors, a culmination of connections stretching back to the beginning. We result from lessons learned and blessings earned. We inherit them through our DNA, acquiring their use by this inheritance.

We don’t need a religion to unlock them; you own them. Our Soul Path is different because our gifts differ from everyone else. Unwrapping your spiritual gifts is a journey of self-discovery, you do not need to join a religion follow doctrine or dogma.

It would be almost impossible to list all variations of these gifts. We recognise them when we see them in operation. For instance, the ability to facilitate healing is a talent. Sages say discovering your spiritual essence is the purpose of life, and opening these gifts is the beginning of our spiritual journey.



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

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