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Do you get Intimidated?

Just remember that only timid people get intimidated — believe that we are God’s own children and then there is no case for intimidation! Don’t be timid, don’t compare yourself with others at all. You are what you are — a unique person on the whole wide world stage. The king is needed and so is the queen, the gatekeeper, the hero, the warrior, the villain and the serf, isn’t it? All these people are playing their role on the world stage — and so are you — just play and act your part.

Assuming you are the gatekeeper in the drama standing in front of the gate to the king’s palace, while the king is sitting on the throne, why should you feel bothered? Without you the play cannot proceed. You have your roles to play only in the drama, once the curtain falls, you embrace each other. You congratulate each other on how well each role was played, laugh and go out and eat together! So, we all have our roles to play.

There is nothing that is unimportant in this world, God has made everything for a purpose and everything plays its own role without being asked to. You just need to look at nature and you will realise this truth. The sun, the moon, the trees, the wind — all of them play it without being asked and we take them for granted! If you feel that you too are God’s child, then you too will be happy with your role.

The intimidation with your role is happening in your mind — it is your own wrong notion about yourself. You do not think too highly of yourself — you are potentially divine — all humans are born with divinity. Each person’s role itself is to look for that divinity deep within one’s own self. If you think that you are not God’s child as created by God himself, then who can help you? If you are a lion and bleat like a goat, who can help you?

You need to rise up and exercise your birth-right, affirm your true nature. Keep telling yourself the statement which Nisargdatta Maharaj had said — “I am that” — keep on repeating it over an over in your mind, till you start feeling that, ‘yes, I am that!’ Once you realise who you are, then you will be free of your problems, as your mind will know that you are a lion and not a lamb — you are the immortal soul and all else is temporary, you will know that!



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