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Does Anything Affect You?

As we ride the waves of life — both the ups and downs we notice a lot of things that affect us on both the upswing and on the downswing. While going up our ego gets a boost, we feel pride, we feel good and many other emotions, similarly on the downswing we feel low, disappointed, lose confidence, low self-esteem and so on.

It is always the selfish thoughts that disturb the mind, and once the mind is disturbed the body gets disturbed. Think about this — why do two people facing the exact same situation react differently? Whatever occurs in our life is not up to us, we find ourselves in a situation and have to manage it. How we manage it depends entirely on us, meaning on the control we have over our mind. There is a very interesting definition of spirituality — ‘the process of realigning your sense of self with something you may never have thought was within you’. Spirituality is nothing but the journey to self-discovery, to enlightenment. This journey is far bigger than us, and it extends beyond our births and deaths as we keep on growing into higher levels of consciousness. Actually, there is no end to this growth as enlightenment itself is infinite in its nature.

Meditation helps condition the mind, by keeping your mind calm you can win over your karma. Your mind has the power to destroy your karma and then nothing binds you. When you have peace of mind even the karma becomes just another happenstance, it comes and goes while leaving you unaffected.

Even if karma has to affect you, let it, don’t get agitated or disturbed, remain centred in your own being and watch the karma as it takes place. Stay calm, maintain your peace and don’t allow negative thoughts like this karma is going to affect me come into your mind. If that happens then you are already affected, because your mind has accepted that you will be affected.

Just stay calm and collected, watch the situation, play your role while staying in the present moment, don’t let your mind vacillate between the past and the future; you will then face it in the present moment with your complete positive energy and you will witness that it was not that serious at all.



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