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Don’t be Afraid

For the past two years people all across the world have been fed on a diet of fear — do this, do that, or the corona virus will get you. The media as well as the politicians along with the pharma companies have been having a ball and have made most of this pandemic. Like the saying goes — one man’s food is another man’s poison!

In reality there is nothing to fear but fear itself. I firmly believe in the law of karma and if I have to get infected, I will, if I have to survive the infection, I will. Take all safety precautions and follow all government guidelines — once we do that, there is nothing further that we can do, there is nothing else which is in our control. As human beings we can only take care of our immediate environment and not of that which is not in our control. So, why be afraid? Fear will only attract negative vibrations and invariably attract the negative into your environment.

There is nothing to fear, because we don’t have anything to lose. All that can be robbed from you is not worthwhile, so why fear, why suspect, why doubt? The real robbers are doubt, suspicion, fear — they destroy your very possibility of celebrating on earth. Because of fear we miss many things — because of fear we cannot love, even if we love it is always half-hearted, just so-so. We always come to a point beyond which we are afraid and so we get stuck there!

It is best to be conscious and never cautious. This distinction is very subtle. Consciousness is not rooted in fear, though caution is. One is cautious just so as to avoid going wrong, but then one cannot go very far. The fear will never allow you to explore new avenues, new lifestyles, new channels and trends — thus you will always tread the same path again and again, going back and forth like a freight train!

You should understand that once the conscious mind goes to sleep, the fear that is in the subconscious mind comes to the surface. Instead of worrying about what caused this fear it is better to replace it with something positive — think about meditation, think about the power of prayer, tell yourself you practice Yoga and that you don’t have to be afraid of anyone or anything in this world.

Work at it consciously — think positive, be positive and squeeze out the negative thoughts and vibes. The more you ignore the negative, the more you starve it of energy. As you practice doing this you will find your fear dissipating. With the disappearance of fear you will become filled with confidence, peace and joy.



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