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Don’t Be Serious

Being serious is dangerous business, and we as individuals are conditioned to be serious since our childhood — at least in India our upbringing is like that. I am sure that is the case all over the world — it is all about education, career, success, laurels, achievements and so on — that leaves really little time for fun. Even comic acts are serious business with the artists getting into serious psychological issues! Seriousness has become a way of life for people — the sense of humour seems to have disappeared in most of the people. To lose one’s sense of humour is such a fundamental irreplaceable loss — to lose your sense of humour is to lose your contact with God, as that is our only connection. Seriousness is the greatest barrier between man and God and it has to be dropped!

The problem with seriousness is that it is very paying — all our jobs require us to be serious — it has become our way of living. It makes us very successful in our material life and the more you succeed in the material, the more you fail in the inner; the more respectable you become in the world, the less respectable you find yourself in your own eye.

Only laughter makes a man rich, but the laughter too has to be blissful. Lots of people laugh, even serious ones do — but that is more hysterical and out of a sense of belonging to a certain group, more of peer pressure maybe! How many people laugh from deep within, how many people laugh because their soul is filled with joy and bliss? We have laughter clubs to relieve stress — imagine the stage which we have reached — laughter clubs as therapy, whereas wholesome, soulful laughter should be our very nature!

With meditation comes inner peace, with inner peace a certain innocence comes into our life, and with that innocence we look at the world as it is and learn to enjoy nature without any agenda. When we learn to be one with nature our laughter becomes carefree as we become as free as the birds and sense that freedom deep within.

Whenever you are caught up in a tough situation tell yourself that all this is temporary and will pass by, don’t get caught up in it — sometimes we forget, as our ego takes control and we try to fight it, leading to stress and other problems. At that point just tell yourself, “It’s all right, this too shall pass!” Just face it, and you will realise that the situation is not that complicated — don’t be serious about anything — just have fun!

Always remember that everything happens as per God’s divine will. If we remember this, we won’t be projecting our ego. Most of the time we get caught up in — “I did it! I got it! I lost it! I won it!” For a change try telling yourself, “It’s all God’s fun. I’ll simply do everything as per his will.” Try this for a week and you will feel really light. You will get the light! Then if you like, you can continue. If not, your ego is always there, you can take it back!



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