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Don’t Waste this Life

Taking human birth is the best opportunity for us — Hindu and Buddhist philosophy says that we take birth in the human after passing through hundreds and thousands of births. Both these philosophies believe in reincarnation. In the human birth we get the ability to think, to contemplate on how to get past this birth-death-birth cycle.

When you look at nature there is no interference, everything is happening so naturally — and when we find ourselves in nature, we feel peace and joy as if we are a part of it! So, do not miss the opportunity of this birth to find the true purpose of your life. If you miss this opportunity, you may get caught up in the whirlpool again and then who knows when the next chance will come!

So, don’t waste this life. This life is not just about the senses and about material benefits — you have already experienced all this in your past births. Even animals eat, sleep and beget children. They too form families, get married without any priests, pandits or rabbis. If you look at it from that point of view, what are we doing that is different?

Our ego keeps telling us that we are great, we build such huge skyscrapers, such modern transport systems but can we build nests which resemble hanging palaces, do we have the skill to build anthills? Do you know how many apartments are there inside, how many ants live and flourish inside? No! Who is the engineer here? Did the ants and birds study in any university?

We feel so proud, but the animals probably look at us and laugh! In what way are we superior to them? A peacock is far more beautiful than any of us humans — there is no way we can compete with that beauty, similarly if you look at different kinds of butterflies — they are so beautiful, so delicate, where does this beauty come from?

The only thing that differentiates us humans from other animals is the desire to know our true nature. The only thing that we have as homo sapiens is our ability to stand upright and the kundalini energy which lies latent at the base of our spine along with the chakras and meridians. Our foremost duty is to get out of this vicious cycle, who knows when the next opportunity will present itself.

Meditate and find your true essence — get out of this whirlpool when you have the time, energy and inclination. Become a witness and take all the good and bad in your stride because these are just happenings in your life — you are not the happenings! As you witness you will begin to realise your true nature, you will begin to merge with your true inner nature — you will become liberated. Spread this inner light of God wherever you go and touch everyone with it, maybe your proximity may light someone else’s inner flame.



Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude

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Girish Borkar

Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude