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Doorway to Freedom

So often in listening to Osho he reminds us of the original “fall” — the fall from the womb. In the womb, the child is in total relaxation, everything is done for the child including breath. Once born, we as a child, are subject to those conditions outside of us and that are outside of our control.

These conditions block the natural flow of who we are, and in turn block our consciousness, which is our greatest gift. We become, over time, closed, dull and sleepy, missing the joy of being present. The solutions lie in the many “doors” on offer; we can use the chakras to move the energy in our bodies or primal therapy, which works with these outer conditionings that are imposed on the child, or hypnosis to open to the unconscious mind, and so much more.

Regardless of the door that we use, the purpose is to open the body-mind so that the energy, and our consciousness starts to flow in its natural state, opening us to the love, awareness and creativity that is lying dormant within.

But this is how humans live: in dreams, in imagination, in projections. This is how we live, and this is not the way to live this beautiful, tremendously valuable life — this is sheer wastage. We have to become more attentive to the moment, to the present. We have to gather our consciousness. Consciousness is our treasure, and all the methods that have been invented, devised down the centuries, are nothing but ways to create more consciousness in us, to create more fire in us, to make our life a passionate affair, a flame. People are living dull lives, people are living absent-mindedly, people are living inattentively.

Our original state is happiness and joy. We begin life with a blank slate, innocent and curious it’s the perspective that allows us to experience life with an open mind. We begin life as explorers. It is our nature to seek answers for the unknown. This desire to investigate is what makes us excellent spiritual explorers. All we need is the proper tools and guidance. We are already perfect in all of our imperfections.

Happiness is the state of being which gives us positive feelings such as joy, satisfaction, contentment, and fulfillment. It’s essential to find out what exactly makes us happy and why. We need to balance body, mind, and spirit to be satisfied. Opening the doorway to true spiritual freedom is essential for this equation.

Everyone has their way of awakening. And each of us has spiritual gifts to aid in this quest. These are gifts from our ancestors, which we carry in our spiritual DNA. We awaken as we open these doors of consciousness. It requires autonomy and freedom to explore our own inner world at our own pace.

The doorway to true spiritual freedom lies outside the boundaries of organised religion. It is not only a hindrance to our spiritual walk; it is a stumbling block to the health of our societies. We should take up the practice of spiritual techniques that expand our awareness. Don’t fall for the counterfeit of organised religion.



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude