Photo Credit: Mohit Bansal

Enjoying Life

Each individual has his/her own unique way of enjoying life. There are things which make one happy and the same thing may put another person off. There is no point in being judgemental about this as each individual is different and the means of enjoyment could be different. The purpose of life is to live it, to experience it in its fullest, to reach out eagerly and without any fear for more and more newer and richer experiences. A sense of adventure is a must if you need to enjoy life both in the material as well as in the spiritual world.

Whether you are into spirituality, mindfulness, yoga or any other practice which takes you into your inner world — it is a journey filled with adventure, just as when you travel, go hiking, sailing, paragliding or an any other adventure sport! Adventure sports give you a rush as the adrenalin pumps you up and you get that tremendous feeling of being indestructible.

People who are unafraid and do not have fearful thoughts will more likely end up enjoying life and explore its various possibilities with passion than those who tend to be afraid. In the present time where fear of the virus infects the minds of the average individual, it is the people who are spiritual and live a mindful life who are enjoying life to its fullest. This may not necessarily be by doing what one would do under normal circumstances but by meditating and exploring the inner world and witnessing the material world happenings with detachment.

I have used the pandemic to explore my inner world, practice detached attachment with the material world and work on aspects of my life which needed improvement. This has helped in making me more in tune with my inner self, find peace and joy and contentment even when nothing was happening. In fact, the focus has been more on the nothingness — the void which exists within the core of each human being — that void where silence is golden and the sound of silence reverberates in each and every atom and cell of our body. It is like being in tune with the universe — where the inner world and outer world merge to create a musical symphony which defies description. Enjoy all aspects of life — because with every breath you inhale you live, and with every exhalation you die — live life in the moment with full awareness, enjoy every moment, because this moment could be your last!



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