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Eternal Source of Strength

Girish Borkar
2 min readDec 19, 2021


Whenever we travel abroad to a new country, forget abroad even when we travel to an unknown destination for the first time, even in our own country, we are beset by a sense of both trepidation and expectation as to what we may find! We feel slightly insecure about what to do if our travel plans go awry in spite of so many guideposts being in place; we feel anxiety, a feeling of uncertainty with so many of our support systems taken away from us as we try to settle down in the new place!

If we have the faith then we can definitely rely on certain principles to help us find our bearings and to settle in. Despite changing and troublesome external conditions, there are eternal principles and spiritual laws which never change. When everything around us is changing, we can realign ourselves to those eternal truths so as to reorient our sense of direction, to ground ourselves and give ourselves a firm footing with which to confront life with when it throws something at us!

Through meditation and spiritual practise, we can free ourselves from identification with our lower self, our lower nature; awakening and expressing in our own lives and in our relations with those in our new surroundings, the true, pure and exalted transcendental nature of our real Self, our Atma. Through the science of yoga and meditation we can keep alive our connection with the divine, keep ourselves bound to the eternal Source of strength, wisdom, and security, no matter how chaotic or how insecure our outer circumstances might be.

When we connect with the subtle body of Swamiji and through him to universal consciousness which is the Supreme Source of divine energy, we find the source of eternal strength which helps us get through seemingly the toughest of circumstances.

We just have to remember the Himalayan Gurus, Swamiji’s eleven sages who are always with him, apart from these each one of us has our own guardian angels — Swamiji’s subtle body plus at least two of our past life Gurus who are always guiding us unbeknown to us. If you reach that inner state, you will definitely feel their presence around you all the time.

Never be afraid of whatever life throws at you, because you have that eternal source of strength in you to overcome every circumstance that life throws at you — just connect with the divine source while meditating, feel the vibrations, feel that great power, that healing vibration, that healing light of faith, courage and divine presence flowing into the homes and lives of each one of you. The eternal source of strength is within you — empty yourself first and then fill yourself with the in-flowing energy and see your life change in ways you would never have dreamt of!



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