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Faith and Belief

Faith and belief are the foundation on which you construct your spiritual pyramid. Having faith in yourself first, then having faith in the goal you have set out to achieve, having faith in your ability to achieve that goal will actually help you reach your goal. When you become a seeker and turn to spirituality to find out the ultimate truth you will come across many paths which take you to your destination. You need to first trust your instinct and find the guide or Guru who will guide you on the path.

The way to find your Guru in your lifetime, if you do not have one already, is to go to the samadhi of a Guru (it could be Shirdi Sai Baba, Gajanan Maharaj, Paramhansa Yogananda, etc) and pray, plead, cry your heart out to be guided to your Guru in this lifetime. Believe me if your faith is strong and belief is true, you will be led to your Guru through divine intervention. This has happened to lots of people I know, and it will continue to happen. Your faith and belief have to be absolute and unwavering and the result will be there for you to see.

Most of us are very tentative when it comes to setting out on the path of a seeker. Even when we are walking the path, we meet strangers who tell us stuff which will make us think whether we are on the right path. All these are tests which the universe is throwing your way to check whether you have it in you to go the whole hog! A lot of people drop of thinking that this path is not for them, specially when we live in society and try to be spiritual — such people sometimes are considered to be weird. Osho has described this beautifully — his followers used to be considered crazy and Osho would say, accept that wholeheartedly because in these times you have to be crazy to be seeking God and the ultimate Truth! No ‘normal’ person would be up to it — so be crazy, that is the only way — you have to be mad enough to go in search of God with complete faith and total belief that you will reach your goal.

With the right Guru in your life, with meditation as the way to take you on your path, you start your inner journey. On this journey, with complete faith and belief in yourself, in your Guru and that you will definitely reach your destination in this lifetime, you will find in time that you are centering yourself within and finding that peace and silence and resonance which subtly tells you that you are on the right path. Just maintain your faith and truly believe that your goal is achievable — believe me you will find what you are seeking!



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Girish Borkar

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