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Faith, Belief and Acceptance

One’s entire spiritual journey is carried on this three-wheeler. Without faith, belief and acceptance one cannot progress spiritually at all. Faith is like your eyes — you see things yourself and know its truth or otherwise. Belief is intellectual, one can believe what someone is saying without actually knowing it to be factual or otherwise. For example, a blind man has a lantern in his hands, he cannot see, he cannot even use the lighted lantern. Even that lighted lantern is a burden for the man as he will not even be aware if the lantern goes off. Belief is just believing what someone else is saying, while faith is all about knowing.

Once you completely and unconditionally surrender to a person whom you accept as your Guru and also consider this living human being as Paramatma; then because this person has given you the spiritual experience that you had been seeking over the past several births, then that is the meeting point of faith, belief and acceptance. The divine spiritual experience has given you the faith to believe that what you have experienced is real and with that you accept the divinity that has been seeded within you. That divine seed needs to be nurtured by regular meditation such that its roots grow deep and the tree of spirituality gets a solid foundation.

With faith and belief comes acceptance. The more you accept your circumstances, the more your ego diminishes till you reach a point where the ego gets buried deep down to ultimately disappear. Your capacity to receive increases dramatically with your readiness to accept. The heart opens up with faith and love start flowing through you. This is a process which happens over time as you learn to let go more and more — as you let go this three-wheeler takes over your spiritual journey — then just enjoy the ride.

The Master is there to guide, your duty is to practise meditation and dive deeper and deeper within yourself. As you go within you will realise that you are now on a journey which never ends — it just opens up more and more dimensions which you never knew existed. You are filled with an inner sense of peace, calm, joy, bliss and contentment. Life is happening and you are floating along. You watch everything that is happening in a state of sat chit anand — truth, consciousness and bliss!



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude