From childhood we are told to do this, do that and so on — this begins at home and then continues in school, university and even after we find employment. These kinds of people are in the majority, they are the followers and do what they are told. The other kind are those who lead by example, they set the trend — they are free spirits. There are again two kinds of free spirits — rebels and leaders. The rebels too are leaders but they are anti-establishment and are a negative manifestation of the free spirits — we will talk about the other kind — the leaders, those who lead by example by setting very high standards in anything and everything they do.

Such free spirits are honest, transparent and highly intelligent. They not only lead by example but also make it a joy for those who follow them. Such persons are unafraid of calling a spade a spade regardless of the consequences. In today’s world such people are an aberration and become obstacles to the general class of people. They are non-corrupt and do not allow corruption in whatever they do — hence such persons are always attacked verbally in public. But regardless of such abuse they go ahead and do what they think is right and what is good for the general mass of people.

Such free spirits are there in education, industry and politics. These people think freely and have the courage to hear their own voice and follow their own integrity. Such persons are unconstrained by society and what society may think about them. There are many spiritual Masters who are pure free spirits — they awaken the consciousness in others and awaken the dormant souls into wakefulness. We are living in that era where such souls are being awakened, as the shift in consciousness takes place, we find that there are more and more free spirits coming to the fore. The battle of good versus evil is truly on in the world today.

As a free spirit, meditating regularly strengthens your soul and makes you follow the soul’s guidance. With your introversive strength derived from a highly developed soul consciousness, such free spirits help raise the overall consciousness of the people around them. Come, let us all meditate, become internally strong and help raise the world’s consciousness in this battle of good versus evil. Remember, historically good always triumphs — choose your side wisely — become a free spirit!

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