Go with the Flow

This saying has a particular resonance — going with the flow — just imagine yourself at sea, or in a small boat in a rapidly flowing river and that you are going with the flow. Will you be afraid or will you be feeling exhilaration and have a sense of adventure? There is a difference when you are at sea and when you are flowing downstream in a river. At sea there is nothing to stop you as you are surrounded by water in every direction as far as the eyes can see. The ocean currents will take you in whatever direction that they are flowing in — if you are in a sail boat you can follow the wind and progress, when the water is calm you can enjoy the solitude and peace, when there is a storm, you bring down your sails and use your skills to ride the storm and pass into calmer waters — does this sound like life?

Going downstream in a rapidly flowing river is different — you need to control your boat, watch for rocks and shallows, keep in the middle of the river and eventually reach the ocean. Trying to go upstream you will struggle, hit either shore and there are breaks in your progress, again reminds you of life isn’t it? The best way is to use your oars to avoid all the rocks and the shallows, keep your boat in the middle of the river, take the rapids and increase your speed to reach your ultimate goal — the ocean. Trying to go against the current will make you struggle, change direction, lose momentum and focus — focus being to reach the ocean.

Life too, is like that — if you learn to go with the flow, accept whatever life throws at you, you will ultimately ride the waves, avoid the shallows and rocks, and progress towards your goal. Any resistance where your ego tells you that it can win, then you will be rowing upstream and will lose focus and direction, probably the boat will hit some rock or get stuck in the shallows. Then you have to get out, seek help of others to set the boat right and then re-focus to start rowing towards the ocean again. In life acceptance of one’s situation and then acting on it and not against it, making the situation your ally and not enemy will help you miraculously transform your whole life. Go with the flow, meet the ocean of consciousness which is just waiting to embrace you!



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Girish Borkar

Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude