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God Has Given Everything We Need

God has already given us everything we need to live in this world. If there is anything else we will need in the future, he will give it to us, and if he hasn’t given it to us yet, it’s because we don’t need it! Everything is already present within us. All we need is the proper art of putting them together. This art of putting together is called self-restraint.

We all have everything within us, but we have never put them together with the proper system, proper tuning and music. They all lie within us, but unfortunately, we don’t know what to do with them. A stone lies in front of our house and we think of it as a nuisance, a hindrance. But another person uses it as a stepping stone to go to the other side. Everything is within — God has given everything complete to man, but the freedom to gather himself together to make use of God’s gifts lies entirely with man.

Everyone has the same qualities — whether it is a criminal, a thief, a sinner or a virtuous person. The only difference is the arrangement and the use to which it is put. According to Zen fakirs — if you want to enter the house of God, you must learn the burglar’s art. You need to be as alert as the thief, completely in the moment. You should be able to transform your fear and enter like a thief, as if it is your own house.

Our consciousness contains all knowledge that is required for us to merge with the ocean of universal consciousness. In almost all of us this knowledge lies dormant deep within us. We need a lit lamp to come and light up our flame — this is done when a living Master or Satguru comes into our life and awakens us from deep slumber.

He teaches us meditation, awareness, mindfulness and how to live in the moment — this is easier said than done. But with continuous practice, we slowly learn to empty ourselves of all the accumulated muck gather over several births. We may or may not believe in reincarnation, but it is the truth, the imprints of our past life are carried deep within our subconscious.

As the layers peel off, we begin to see ourselves as we always were — pure consciousness. Our intuition, our inner voice can now be heard which used to be drowned by the sound of our mental chatter. This voice can be heard very clearly as it guides you — this happens only when the mind has become calm and quiet.

This quietness is essentially what God has given us — we spend time through several births to become one with this peace and quiet. Once we find this peace and quiet, there is no desire left to take birth again. The moment becomes everything — full of life and energy and radiance. Liberation is no more a goal — you have reached the state.



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

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