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God’s Will Always Wins

Each of us has our own will which we use to fulfill our desires. We may call it will power or it could also be our ego which sees that we always get our way. Many times, we succeed because our will is in sync with God’s will and we think that it has happened because of ‘my’ will!

The question we need to ask ourselves by rising above our I-sense is — can we humans do anything which is against God’s will? Everything in life happens if God wills it, otherwise it doesn’t! Howsoever much we try, the simplest of things will find huge barriers if God does not will it to happen. We end up banging our heads against the wall, try our very best and even then, things don’t happen; this leads to frustration, stress and a whole lot of tension.

We should trust completely. If we trust completely, then even if others talk negatively or have negative feelings towards us then we need not harbour any ill will towards them. In fact, we needn’t even have any negative feelings towards such people.

Remember that if anybody is harbouring negative feelings towards us, then that too is God’s will, else why would anyone have such feelings. If that is happening means there is some reason for it. Think of it as a positive feeling that is causing me pain, instead of thinking of it negatively. If anybody is causing us pain or is hurting us then it has to be God’s will, because everyone is an instrument of God. This means that whoever is causing us grief is because we deserve to face them and move on — this is the karma we have to endure. Do so with a smile and move on in life.

We get certain experiences in life or we meet people who give us a tough time just to get an education — this is God’s way of teaching us ‘acceptance’. It is another way of subduing the ego. Whatever rewards and punishments we receive in life are because of God’s will — all we need to do is accept it as such and move on with a smile.

With meditation we learn to search within and we slowly begin to see God’s plan for us. In fact, after attaining self-realisation, we realise that God is within us and we begin to see things more clearly. Our soul starts talking to us and warning us about possible pitfalls, we need to be alert enough to listen to the voice and avoid those pitfalls.

With awakening comes love — this feeling of universal love is amazing, this too is God’s will and once you get this feeling towards all beings, know that you have accepted that everything happens according to God’s will and we are just players playing or role in life’s drama!



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

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