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Guru is not a Person

Swamiji has told us repeatedly that the Guru is not any person, the Guru is void, an empty pipe who becomes a pure medium of Paramatma. Universal consciousness flows through the Guru and if we are fortunate to be in the Guru’s presence then we can feel the consciousness, the tremendous love energy flowing through him.

All Gurus — past, present and future — may come in different forms, may wear the dress of those times, but recognising a true Guru can only be done when we are open to receiving the consciousness flowing through the Guru. In India Guru is — गुरू साक्षात परम ब्रह्मा — meaning Guru is ultimate consciousness personified. A Guru is nothing but pure energy — if we attain the state of the Guru even momentarily, we will see an empty space — the Guru’s physical form disappears and we may see nothing or just golden light. I have been bestowed theses experiences by Swamiji on a couple of occasions.

When we close our eyes in meditation and just remember him, we begin to feel the cool vibrations in our body. This happens even when we are in the market place, the subtle body of Swamiji, of one’s Guru is always there with us, guiding us protecting us. The problem is with us — we assume the Guru to be an ordinary person — he is anything but that — when we take pure consciousness for granted, we are left holding nothing.

Swamiji always says — ‘I play the music in tune with your song’ — the greater the depth in the song, the greater the music. The Guru is eternal. The Guru’s inspiration, the Guru’s force, the Guru’s divine energy, the Guru’s vibration will always be there guiding us, directing us. The help that can be given through the physical body is limited; on the spiritual level, the Guru can help us much more. Always try to communicate at that higher level. In our practices, in our meditation, we should learn to communicate with the spiritual part of the Guru.

The Guru need not consciously bless or teach us. If we are ready to receive it, even the Guru can’t stop it. The more we follow the teachings, the more we have the Guru’s presence and communicate with the Guru. The teaching is the Guru. The teacher is only a vehicle.

For some time, we might need the Guru, but we shouldn’t depend on that always. Learn to receive the Guru’s message without the help of any machines. That way we can have the Guru with us always.



Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude

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Girish Borkar

Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude