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How to Remain Connected?

In his discourses Swamiji says, “I play the music to the song you sing” — what he means to say is that you will receive to the level to which you surrender to him. So, if you are 100% then you will receive 100%, if you are 50% then you will receive 50% — basically you will feel his divinity only to the extent you are willing to give yourself up to him.

I have been asked this question several times — how does one remain connected? In my experience, once the connection is established, we cannot break it, unless we do something really, really bad. Swamiji always holds our hand firmly, it is us who pull our hands in a way that he is forced to let you go. Just remember, He is your soul’s father, so if you disconnect in this birth, he will follow you in your next birth and still the next till you find liberation.

Swamiji asks us to donate half an hour of our time to him every day and he will ensure that the remaining 23.5 hours pass by happily. Question is, do we give him the promised half an hour regularly, every day? If you do, you will observe that over a period of 45 days (if you are a new comer) your life starts changing, some of your problems suddenly go away, some bad habits are given up, little-little things which tell you that Swamiji is keeping his end of the bargain.

The problem with sadhaks is that they start expecting more and more whereas the solution is for us to become emptier and emptier. What I mean to say is that we should let go of our expectations, releasing ourselves from attachments — both material and emotional, quieting the voice of our ego so that we can listen to our inner wisdom, facing uncertainty with faith and complete confidence, being selflessly of service to others, surrendering completely and unconditionally to the divine.

We can always connect with the divine through meditation, once we feel that missing meditation makes our day incomplete and we begin to feel uncomfortable because of that, then that is the first indication that you are connected and your soul is guiding you to not miss those meditation sessions regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in.

Be alert for signals which appear out of the blue, it may be a message on a poster, or on a car, bus etc, some message coming on the radio which may be addressing a specific issue that you face — it could come in any form — but for that you need to be alert and aware, witnessing everything in a fully aware state. You will be surprised at the number of messages that the divine sends to you through the strangest of messengers.

But once you begin recognising the signals, it is actually fun and also spiritually elevating at the same time. For each individual it will be different, you need to submit yourself to the test with full faith and once you are tuned in, then you will feel the connection 24x7, believe me. Here’s praying that all of you find your connection and stay connected all the time.



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Girish Borkar

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