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How to Touch the Heart

As children our parents would tell us to pray from the bottom of our hearts if we had any special wishes, specially during exam times! Prayer and heart are inextricably connected — you cannot pray with your head, as the head/brain as cold and calculating. The words may be formed in the head, but the prayer has to go from the heart!

In meditation, as the senses are absorbed in the heart, one reaches the center of the lotus. When you are a heart-oriented person and you touch someone, the touch immediately reaches your heart, and you can feel the quality. If you take the hand of a head-oriented person, the hand will be cold, the quality will be very cold. There will be a feeling of a certain deadness in the touch. But if you touch the hand of a heart-oriented person you will feel a certain warmth, and the touch will really melt you. You will feel a certain energy flow from his hand to yours, a kind of communicating warmth.

This warmth comes from the heart, it can never come from the head. The head is always thinking about how to take more; whereas the heart always feels like giving more. That feeling of warmth is just the feeling of giving energy, a giving of inner vibrations, a giving of life. That is why you feel a different quality in it.

Everybody has a heart you should just know how to touch it! Your behaviour should be such that you can transform the other hearts, melt them. That is the power of love that your heart holds, the power of pure, selfless love! Let that beautiful feeling come to the surface, don’t feel embarrassed by it, because that feeling is every human being’s true nature — let it surface and embrace everyone around you.

If you want to know how to go about it — just close your eyes and touch anything. Touch your beloved, your child, your mother, a flower or mother earth for that matter. Close your eyes and feel a communication from your heart to the earth. Feel that your heart has stretched out to touch the earth. Let the feeling of touch be related to the heart.

When you listen to music, you don’t listen to it from the head, you close your eyes and your heart listens. As you focus on the music, as you get lost in it, your heart feels the music, it lights up with joy, it vibrates and radiates with the joy of the music. Your heart and the music are now playing to the same beat, same rhythm.



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

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