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Inner Power / Strength

Swamiji says — ‘No one can snatch your inner power from you’. The question is — what do you understand by inner power, inner strength? We are all over aware of mental strength, but is it the same as inner power? Many people think that they mean the same thing, actually there is a huge difference. Atmashakti or atmabal is the core strength of a person, it is the power of the soul — and we know that we, souls, are different from our minds. Our minds are used for feeling, thinking and willing.

Inner power gives us great patience which we need at all times as we are essentially very small entities in the overall scheme of things — meaning in comparison to the whole of creation. We need courage for performing our duties and our inner power directly contributes to it. Our inner power gives us self-confidence along with determination, tolerance, compassion which are all required for leading a quality life. People with enormous inner strength are naturally compassionate and kind and they take great pains to purify their existence through their spiritual practice.

Inner power comes from meditation and living a sattvic life through penance and spiritual practice. Spiritual knowledge and consciousness also contribute to it, but a very strong connection to universal consciousness is a must if we want our inner strength to grow. Swamiji has planted the seed of consciousness, self-realisation within us — how we water the seed and nurture it is up to us. Through regular spiritual practice and meditation and leading a principled and disciplined life while living in the midst of society we can slowly and steadily strengthen our inner connection with universal consciousness — once this happens our inner power increases.

As our inner power increases our fear reduces, till we reach a point when we do not know fear at all, at that point we get a feeling of being God Conscious. Consequently, one gets peace of mind, the mind becomes calm amidst a turbulent world. Practically. Everyone is looking for answers to his or her problems; God provides the perfect guidance — the God within you, your soul! With your soul guiding you, you do not get deluded and such people enjoy real happiness as different from temporary sense enjoyments and transient mental satisfaction which one gets by gaining material objects!

A strong feeling of a sense of security descends on the psyche; one feels protected. The other feeling which comes is a sense of completeness and satisfaction. A feeling of being connected with universal consciousness, this gives us that inner power and strength which comes from regular meditation and spiritual practice.



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude