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Introverts and Spirituality

Quite a few people have expressed the view that it is easy for an introvert to embrace spirituality. The moment we say a person is an introvert, the commonly understood context is that the person does not like to go out and mix with other people, a person who is shy, anti-social and so on. This common perception is not entirely accurate as one cannot say that introverts do not want to go out and mix or meet with friends — it is just that they need time to themselves to recharge themselves after which they are ready to mix.

Individuals who are introversive are naturally inclined to spirituality as they tend to ground themselves by exploring the path of spirituality. Such people are so used to quietness and viewing their inner self that introverts have the power to dig deep and embrace the path of spirituality more easily.

People who are introversive tend to give more priority and importance to their inner voice and inner compass to help make decisions. Introverts also strengthen their gut feelings with the help of looking rather than seeking help from external parties. They spend time and energy to improve their instincts and internal feelings towards the path of spirituality, to achieve oneness.

The world has shifted over the years, instead of individuals prioritizing other individuals; they have moved to giving more attention to material objects. In the case of introverts and spirituality, that shift has not come about. They still give higher regard to deeper and more meaningful connections, as compared to superficial and unimportant ones.

Instead of wasting high-value energy on meaningless interactions, introverts like to save their energy for connections, which help them grow and build themselves. Spirituality is the basis through which introverts extend themselves into a more positive and growth-filled space.

Introverts take to meditation with ease as they are very comfortable being with their own selves, it is like being in their natural introversive state. Such people put all their energy in forming more profound connections rather than running after worldly items. Introverts have experience with thinking deep and spending time alone, they have the power to get in touch with their true calling — seeking the unknown.

On becoming introversive, on turning inwards — whether you are an introvert or an extrovert — it does not matter, because, once you turn inwards interest in the outer world starts dissipating, you realise that the outer world is a mirage and the inner world is reality. The peace, silence and joy which one encounters within one’s own self is what both introverts and extroverts seek — but this comes more easily to introverts.



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

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