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Is Awakening akin to Soul Consciousness?

We have heard the term awakening a lot in spirituality — but what do you understand by it? How do you know whether you are awakened or on the right path to awakening? Is awakening a rebellion of the soul? We could say that a spiritual awakening is a call to higher consciousness and a heightened sense of awareness. This brings about a personal transformation and a radical shift in how one sees the world! With spiritual awakening a shift in one’s mental framework is experienced.

For those of us who have found a Guru the process of awakening takes place during the initiation and bestowing of the Guru Mantra by the Guru. Once you receive the Guru mantra and start chanting it as per the instructions received and meditating upon the mantra, we begin to observe a gradual change in our personality. This change is actually being brought about with the cleansing of chakras through meditation — all changes are beneficial to the physical body. You stop falling sick, if you have bad habits, even of you continue with them your physiological system rejects the intake and makes you sick, thus making you give up such bad habits! You find that your mind has reduced if not stopped vacillating from the past to the future. You get the feeling of living in the present moment all the time. Whatever you do in the present moment gives you the best results — your work efficiency increases without burning of extra energy. You find that you now sleep like a baby the moment your head hits the pillow. No dreams — no disturbed sleep — just a calm drowning in a comfortable nothingness before you wake up next morning completely fresh and fully alive in total awareness.

With all the above changes taking place, you find yourself going closer to your soul till one day you see your soul in meditation, you feel its cool vibrations and realise that all those changes which were happening were nothing but the awakening and you coming closer to your soul. With the rise of soul consciousness your body consciousness reduces, you feel less affinity to physical desires till a point comes when you are fully immersed in the ‘self’. When that happens, you could say that your awakening has taken place.

The journey still continues because as the saying goes — you have miles to go before you sleep! After the awakening deeper and deeper meditation practice helps you explore new areas of your subtle self. You start understanding energy and how it operates. All this happens subconsciously, nothing is available in books — it is just the universe educating you without you knowing it. You will realise this when you start explaining things and you realise — I have never read this anywhere, so where is this coming from. With that realisation you thank the unknown power from the bottom of your heart for blessing you with that knowledge!



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