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Is Spiritual Evolution a Revolution?

The world has got several major religions with their own religious books and methods of worship. If you observe across the globe people have started questioning their own religions because what is written in the books goes against basic tenets of humanity. Organised religion today is more about getting people to respective places of worship and getting donations for various projects of such institutions. Unfortunately, today this has become more about money than about ‘religion’.

The pandemic comes along and all places of worship are forced to shut down. This has caused tremendous financial loss to organised religious institutions all over the world. With almost no footfalls, such churches, mosques, temples, gurudwaras have still to bear operating fixed costs. And all the while the followers of their respective faith were flooded with opportunities to meditate through online programs led by various spiritual leaders across the globe. Suddenly yoga and meditation came to the centre of focus. Many spiritual leaders talked about inner engineering, journey within, journey to inner peace etc.

People suddenly realised that one really does not need to visit places of worship, if by sitting at home one can visit one’s inner abode through meditation. Suddenly, now because of the pandemic, spirituality has come into focus. So, is the spiritual evolution taking place now? In India, it was always there, because India has been the land of spiritually evolved souls or Gurus since time immemorial. But today, these living Gurus have spread their wings to all the continents. We can see people of all faiths meditating and practicing yoga. The International Yoga Day is celebrated all over the world on June 21 every year! With this I feel the revolution on spiritual evolution has truly started.

With the beginning of this revolution a churn has also started globally — it is like the poison is slowly being brought to the fore worldwide — this process appears to have accelerated

with the pandemic, natural disasters, wars and so on — the churn is truly on, and once the poison all comes out the nectar will start flowing too. I personally believe that the shift in consciousness has started, we are now moving towards an era of spiritual evolution where humanity will be the religion and will power or chitta shakti will rule the world. Countries with spiritually evolved souls will rise up to show the path of humanity to the world — this will result in a cleansing of souls all over the world.

We are entering a phase of turmoil which will eventually bring about great positivity, love and harmony, peace and tranquillity across the globe. Let us meditate and pray collectively for this era to dawn quickly, and this will be a golden era for humankind!



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude