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It Happens for a Reason

We have all heard of the phrase — ‘everything happens for a reason’ and it is true, isn’t it! Do we know why our parents have given birth to us? Why did our soul select only these parents? There is always a divine reason for these things — we are all connected and take birth to endure and enjoy our past birth karmas.

It is the experiences that we have to go through and the lessons that we have to learn along this path that makes it tough going, but it is these experiences and lessons that transform us into strong powerful human beings. Self-reflection is definitely up there at the top of the list for one of the hardest things to do in life; facing our fears head on and then releasing those fears is one of the most important steps on the path to enlightenment, yet it is also one of the scariest. This is so important because the reality is that it is our fears that hold us back.

We need to ask ourselves what exactly is it that we are scared of? When I worry about money why do I worry about money, because the reality is most of us have clothes to wear, food to eat and warm beds to sleep in — so why fear?

I have learnt that when disruption appears in life, it is happening for a reason — a divine reason and I shouldn’t immerse myself in the negativity of the situation but should in fact release and surrender myself to the universe and prepare for what is in store for me next as a result of the disruption. I have realised that negative situations result in positive outcomes although we struggle to allow ourselves to see it at the time. We need to open our eyes to blessings in disguise.

Once we go past the problem after facing it head-on, we realise that it wasn’t as huge as it seemed at that time. It is always our mind which helps in blowing things out of proportion. Meditation helps us in maintaining a balanced mind and teaches us to go with the flow of life.

We need to start having a little faith in ourselves — in our divine selves. Ask yourself this question — do you trust your soul? If the answer is yes, trust that the life purpose contract that you put together for yourself before you incarnated on this earth has your best interest at heart and trust that you knew what you were doing when you selected your life challenges and lessons.

We can only experience what we allow ourselves to experience. When we start recognising patterns in our life, have the courage to work through them head on to enable ourself to break down our karmic patterns. Coming to these realisations is the easy bit, putting the positive changes into action is where the challenges arise.

Meditation under the guidance of a realised Master like Swamiji has made me realise that the universe is always creating opportunities for us to practise putting these learnt lessons into practise. Self-reflection is an ongoing journey and once we master the abovementioned lessons, we realise that there are plenty more lessons to learn! We are all forever evolving.



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

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