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Just be Content

All of us have so many desires, we want to accomplish so much in life, we want to learn more and more — I have seen people’s visiting cards which have their qualifications running into 3–4 lines — the visiting card is saying, “Hello, my qualifications speak volumes about me, what do you say?!?” This is just another manifestation of one’s ego — how much are you going to fill your mind with — in the end you are not leaving any space for universal consciousness to enter your body — you will just become another highly educated robot making enormous money at a huge cost to your spiritual and inner well-being.

The pressure you put on yourself is tremendous, because after you become so highly qualified you always want a job which pays you according to your idea of what is your worth and not the markets. In this manner, if you don’t get what you feel you deserve you end up feeling depressed and stressed.

The universe is always giving what you deserve and not what you want or demand — it gives you what is good for you. The best course of action is ‘acceptance’ — accept whatever is happening in your life with a smile and express your gratitude to your God or to the universe for the circumstances in your life. Be content with whatever life throws in your path — be happy with whatever you get and be grateful for what you don’t get. Praying and begging for things which you feel will make you happy are all material desires which ultimately do not contribute to your inner well-being.

Each one of us has taken birth for a specific purpose, unfortunately most of us do not know that purpose. But, just be content and appreciate that whatever is the purpose of your birth, it will get fulfilled in its own good time. Don’t be impatient and try to over achieve thinking that you are fulfilling ‘your’ purpose in life. Whatever has to happen will happen, and when it does happen it will give you tremendous satisfaction, at that moment you will know the purpose of your life, which has been hidden deep in your subconscious mind.

Anything to the contrary will be a battle which you just cannot win, because God is not going to fulfill any desire of yours which is not in your interest. When you start meditating, your mind becomes calm, the flame of desire dies down and you become more and more introversive. With inner peace and a calm mind, the desires evaporate and you become contented with what you have. Meditation is the path for peace and contentment in life.



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