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Keep God in your Heart

Devotion along with the knowledge of the principles of meditation makes it much easier to connect with the Supreme Being. For a person who practices Ashtang Yog — a sincere yogi seeks God methodically using the methodology taught to him by his Master. To succeed in finding God, devotion, curiosity and a deep urge to know God along with serious determination is absolutely necessary. A serious practitioner is never discouraged, but steadily practices meditation and makes gradual progress.

Swamiji keeps telling us that we should meditate regularly — at least once a week in collectivity and all alone every day in the morning before sunrise. Whether you get meditation or not is not your sphere, sitting down for meditation shows your determination. In time, you start getting meditation, provided of course you are sincere and determined to do your daily sadhana!

You may be the most materialistic person, but if you love God and you seek Him persistently in daily, deep meditation with all your heart, you will definitely find Him. When you love your child, no matter where you go, the child is always in your heart. Love God in the same way — always keep him in your heart.

We all seek God outside and only remember God when we are in trouble. When we seek God with all our heart, just for the love of God and not for any selfish motive, the chances of finding God go up dramatically. Meditate with full determination — empty yourself completely, empty your mind, purify your heart and you will realise that you are a soul and not the body. The body consciousness starts evaporating and soul consciousness rises; with the rise in soul consciousness, one starts getting closer and closer to that divinity which lies hidden deep within us.

As soon as we become calm, we will start feeling the clarity within and realise that our spirit is mirrored in our soul. As our perception deepens, we find that our spirit spreads across the universe as joy, light, and the thrilling, phenomenal energizing and peace-bestowing Cosmic Sound — Aum.

Like Swamiji says the solution for everything is — meditate, meditate, meditate! Then no matter what our faults, we will find Him — because we are His creation and He never forsakes His children. Call out to Him in deep meditation and you will invariably find the answer to your question — once this happens regularly the mystery of life is automatically solved. Live in the moment, be in the moment!



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Girish Borkar

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