Photo Credit: Daily Pioneer — Spiritual Consciousness

In an absolutely insane world where everything that is happening is beyond comprehension, it would be sensible to be just mad and let the madness flow. Everyone thinks the other person is mad because he/she does not think in the same manner. Anything out of the ordinary is considered mad or deviant or crazy. That’s as may be — but when we are out looking for the ultimate truth, we become seekers, then we definitely need a degree of madness which is way beyond normal!

Every individual is on his/her own journey. Every person is living in a somnolent state and needs that spark of extra madness to deviate from the normal path on to the road less travelled — that of a seeker of the ultimate truth. Once that spark turns into a burning flame, then nothing else matters as you are now on a trip with an inexhaustible supply of oxygen which will keep on burning within till you reach your destination.

For some the spark is lit automatically for others, it is a friend who lights the flame and for still others it is a Spiritual Master who guides them on the path. For some people the flame is lit, but it keeps sputtering on and off and for others it burns brightly as the journey takes shape, speed and direction. Without that essential madness it is not possible to get out of the massive illusion created by this world which is glittering with all kinds of gizmos and temptations which have a stranglehold on the minds and emotions of the general public.

Once you start looking for the ultimate truth, the journey starts outside in the material world but with proper guidance it comes back to you and then takes you within your own self. Once your soul has been awakened and you attain self-realisation, you are born again and the real journey begins. The journey from Soul to Super-soul or from Atma to Paramatma. This journey begins with meditation and practicing mindfulness with complete awareness of what is happening in and around you. Your desires start falling away, bad habits disappear one by one, your health improves dramatically and you start living your life in the moment in complete awareness. Attachments remain but in a detached manner as you are no longer emotionally involved — you realise that whatever is happening is happening for a purpose and you begin to accept that and move on in life. You stop painting situations or incidents or people with positive–negative colours, as you realise that there is nothing positive or negative, those are just projections of the mind painting the situation as positive or negative based on one’s mental imprints of the past.

The madder you become the deeper you go and that is when you start tuning in to your own self — you become one within, and start getting spiritual experiences which leave you in a state of perpetual bliss and joy — so, I say, let the madness flow!

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