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Lies — An Addiction?

Girish Borkar
3 min readAug 2, 2022


We have heard about Chinese whispers, how gossip which starts at point ‘a’ and ends at point ‘z’ is completely transformed and has no connection with what was originally said. In a way the modern world is filled with gossip or news which is motivated in favour of certain vested interests. Finding the truth in the material world has become an investigative task, with social media churning out ‘news’ which has to be fact-checked; and the fact checkers turn out to be fake news spreaders being funded to malign certain people, communities and countries.

It is a total war out there based on misinformation and lies masquerading as the truth! It was once said that there are liars, big liars and then there are statisticians! You just have to look at the TV news of politicians, and other people over say a two-three years’ time frame — where their lies are totally exposed as they keep rebutting what they have said earlier!

Liars love to invent lies, it indicates that they feel that they have special knowledge that no one else has — it is their own invention, so nobody else knows about it. Such lies always make those who are befooling others happy because they are anyways living in a fools’ paradise! It makes them feel they are wiser than others.

This is nothing but an ego trip. The ego is the greatest lie in the world, and the ego always feels good whenever it feels special. The question is not whether you are telling a lie or not, it all depends on whether the other person believes it or not. And if one manages to create many believers in one’s ‘truth’, it gives one power over such people. We have seen this happen in numerous scams all over the world — where, misplaced trust in con artists results in untold loss and heartburn.

If one introspects, there is no real truth and no real lies. Every truth has a bit of a lie in it and every lie has some truth in it. If this was not so there would not be more than 300 religions in this world — because the truth is only one. The Absolute Truth is only one — and more than 300 religions are trying to sell it as theirs is the only truth!

People love lies, truth is arduous and bitter to swallow — it is easier to live with lies. People are living in enormous ignorance — they have not lit the light in their hearts. Their interior is filled with darkness — they don’t even know themselves, so what else can they know.

Stop enjoying the lies, it will be difficult, but the path of truth is strewn with thorns and sharp rocks! Take the risk, it will be hard, but persevere and follow these simple steps;

Become aware when you are lying to someone. Immediately stop and seek forgiveness saying that what you were saying was not true. Secondly, become aware when you are about to tell a lie, cut it off before you say it. Finally, become aware when the lie starts rising in your feelings, in your heart. If you practice these three awarenesses, lying will disappear, and the moment lying disappears, truth makes an appearance. And truth is the only thing worth seeking, because the truth liberates, sets you free!



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