Love and Anger — Same Energy — Different Manifestations

Have you observed the energy which is generated when you love someone and when you are angry with someone? When you are in love — your heart starts racing, your breathing becomes shallow, your mind runs at breakneck speed thinking of all wonderful things and when you are angry, exactly the same thing happens but your mind is full of angry thoughts. That is because it is the same energy with different manifestations — one positive the other negative. When you become angry you are usually told to relax, breathe slowly, count to ten etc — this is primarily to slow down the flow of blood to the brain which is fueling the angry thoughts — the moment you slow down your breathing you will notice that you are actually becoming calmer and quieter.

The root cause of anger is love — that is because when you care for someone or something deeply that is when you feel anger — it arises from the fear of losing it. Again, fear is just a thought which comes to mind, so if at the point of becoming angry you learn to become aware of the rising storm within you, then you can control that anger, smile at it and give it a positive turn by transforming it into love energy. By doing this, instead of letting the anger control you, you start controlling the anger, you start spreading love energy by converting the anger into love. With greater inner progress you let adrenaline fueled reactions flow by as you watch what happens instead of reacting angrily or violently. Through meditation and with progress in meditation, you will observe that you no longer react even when extremely provoked — you remain silent and let the storm ride by. In fact, in many situations I have personally felt compassion and love when people have become angry with me for whatever reason — the moment you show love and compassion to the opposite person who is angry, you find that person losing steam and becoming calm. The antidote for the ‘anger’ virus is the ‘love and compassion’ vaccine — at all times, not just the corona times — 😂.

Meditation is a sure cure for transforming the energy arising from anger within you into love. One should not be afraid of anger, in fact if you embrace your anger and convert it into love, then you could potentially become a fountain of love as you keep converting your anger into love. I have read about anger management coaches who are paid a bomb to teach you how to manage your anger. The best way to do it is through meditation — and guess what? It is free and easily doable. May all of us become fountains of love energy spreading love and compassion to all those who come in touch with us.




Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude

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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude

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