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Love is Freedom from ‘I’

Swamiji spoke about ‘love’ recently in his daily messages — there was a series on selfless love. In this post we will see how selfless love sets us free from the ego of ‘I’. Love it is said is the means to tune in the strings of the heart so that divine music is the result. The values of the heart represent all that is good, truthful and beautiful. Unfortunately, modern society all over the world has lost that tuning with its heart — the world today is heartless, cruel, selfish and always seeks the shortsighted easy way out of situations, even if that means hurting others!

For strengthening the bonds of the heart, to tune the strings of the heart, love is required to recondition the heart into its original role — that from where music can arise. One can attain Paramatma through selfless love, prayer without any love is false and futile. Prayer expressed just in words have no value at all unless they are embellished with selfless love.

In this context love is not physical love, it is something which is pure and which flows from the heart to touch all beings on earth — human and otherwise. When we say we love you, we are actually seeking love not giving it — think about it! Every time we tell someone ‘I love you’, we are in fact asking ‘Do you love me?’ We are actually begging for love because that is the state of the world today, it has become dry and selfish. Only a person who has risen above the need for asking for love, can give love — Swamiji is a prime example! Love knows only giving, it does not know anything about asking.

Love comes only to the door of the house from where the hankering for love has disappeared. Love starts showering on the house of one who has stopped asking for love, but on the house of one who is still hankering for love, no rains will fall. Love will not flow towards an asking heart. The asking heart does not have the kind of receptivity that makes it possible for love to enter. Only a sharing heart, a giving heart has the kind of receptivity for love to come to his door and say, “Open the door! I have come.”

Love is an inner flowering. It arises from some dormant energy within, yet all of us search for love outside. All of us search for love in the beloved — which is an absolutely false and futile action. There can be only two voices inside a person. There is no voice of love within the person who is filled with the voice of ‘I’. And there is no voice of ‘I’ within the person who is filled with the voice of love. The two of them can never be found together. It is impossible.

There can be no love within us, because if we search inside, we will find that the voice of ‘I’ is resounding there for twenty-four hours continuously. We breathe with this ‘I’ , we drink water with this ‘I’, we enter a temple with this ‘I’. What else is there in our lives except this ‘I’? The love which comes from the ego is absolutely false hence I said that all our love is false — because it comes out of ego, it is the shadow of ego. And remember that the love which comes out of ego is more dangerous than the hate, because hate is clear, direct and simple but love comes with a changed face and it will be difficult to recognise it.

Love is the door to the divine and ego is the door to ignorance. Love is the door to light and ego is the door to darkness. ‘I’ is the first in a person’s life and ‘I’ is the last. The person tied up in ‘I’ experiences pain — and after getting free of ‘I’, he attains to bliss. Find this ‘I’ and the doors to bliss can open. If the rock of ‘I’ is shattered the springs of love will start flowing. Then the heart fills with the music of love. When the heart is filled with love, a new journey starts which is difficult to describe in words. That journey will take you to the very center of life.



Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude

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Girish Borkar

Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude