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Marriage and Spirituality

We had not seen so many marriages breaking up in India in the past as compared to today. Most marriages are happening out of companionship and lust or potential future wealth creation rather than pure love. Divorces take place for the flimsiest of reasons and most of them end up as contested divorces with a lot of bad blood between the couple and their families.

The most important thing is that we have stopped marriages resulting from pure love, that marriages are happening without love. A marriage devoid of love does not create a spiritual bond — a bond which is only possible with the presence of love. The harmony, the rapport, the music that is required to give birth to a great soul is not created between the man and the woman. The love between them is merely cosmetic and as a consequence there is no meeting of souls in their love, none of the movement that brings two beings together into oneness.

The disharmony in the world today is because of millions of souls taking birth as a result of loveless marriages or unwanted births or pregnancy resulting from rape. The quality of souls is not high and hence there is always an underlying tension that is prevailing on earth.

Children born of a marriage without love can never be loving, can never be godlike. They will be more like ghosts and evil spirits; their lives will be filled with anger, hatred and violence. Even a little thing makes the difference, an incredible difference if there is no harmony, no rapport, no connection between the man and the woman.

One of our Master’s missions is to give birth to pious souls on earth. To that end he conducts marriages of couples whom he scrutinises at the subtle level to see their level of spirituality and purity before blessing the couple on their wedding day. He has been conducting this ceremony once a year for the last twenty years and several couples have given birth to advanced spiritual souls.

Harmony between souls is an absolute must to make marriages last. Swamiji has guided couples on how to balance their individual states before making love so that, once pregnancy occurs, then invited souls can enter the womb. This may sound a bit abstract, but I have seen at least four couples who have gone through this process and have given birth to highly developed, spiritual and intelligent children.

There are several spiritually advanced people who have no give and take balance from the previous birth carried forward — these people don’t marry and can easily progress on the path to liberation under the guidance of a Master. There is no need for such people to feel bad or guilty — for them that is the way it is!



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

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