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No Problems, Just Situations

In life there are no problems — there are only situations. If there is a problem in life, we might try to let it go. People advise us to let go of the problem, surrender — we may let go of the problem, but the problem may not let us go! For example, we take loans and at some point, we run into financial difficulties and are unable to repay. We have let go of the loan in a manner of speaking, but the bank or lender comes after us. Life is like that — when we get into some situation, it is like debt. You have to pay for it, maybe not with money, but with life. Even if you are smart you have to pay for it in one way or another.

Every problem is a problem because we call it so. In life, there are no problems, only situations. Whichever situation we find ourself in, if we think it is a problem, it becomes a problem, else it is only a situation. Whether any problem becomes a problem or not depends on our approach to the situation. Every situation is evolving and if one doesn’t want to get trapped in the circumstances one needs to be aware and alert to take whichever doorway opens to give you a safe exit. If one wants a breath of fresh air, one can open a window, if one wants to go out, just open the door and walk out! If one stays there is a consequence and if one leaves there is a consequence, question is — are we ready to face the consequence.

Most people want to enjoy the situation and not pay its price! If we want to buy good clothes, we are unhappy with the price tag; the only option is to become a thief. If one becomes a thief, one can have everything but one has to then live in fear of becoming a guest of the government. For everything in life there is a price to pay — whether the price is worth it or not is what we need to decide.

If one feels that the price is worth paying then go ahead and do what you want, and if the consequence is negative then face the consequence happily and move on in life. If that is not possible, then one will become miserable and that is not a good way to be.

When we meditate regularly, we learn to live with awareness. We know that life is nothing but a continuum of situations. We learn to get involved with life and face the situations and not let them go. When we become deeply involved with the situation, we know everything about it and thus we can make a well-informed judgement about it.

Just know that when we face many so-called problems in life, we are living a life of great possibility. Our karmic cycle is being freed and we are moving onto the path of liberation.



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

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