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Nothing is Binding in Samarpan

When we try to change the path that we are travelling on, we usually go and seek guidance from religious scholars, priests or guides. These people provide us guidance based on their knowledge of the scriptures — which basically means you should do this and you should not do this. Invariably they will tell you not to take intoxicants, drinks, do bad things etc based on what the religious books say! But when I joined Samarpan Meditation and finished hearing the first 8 discourses about Samarpan Meditation, now renamed as Gurutattva Himalayan Meditation, Swamiji kept saying that if you are addicted to anything — drinks, tobacco, intoxicants, non-vegetarian food, etc — do not stop what you are doing, just add 30 minutes of meditation to your daily routine. After some time if what you have been enjoying in the past, if it is good for you it will stay, and if it is not good for you it will go away — meaning the addiction or bad habit will stop automatically!

There is solid reasoning and logic behind the above — once you start meditating regularly and your navel chakra gets activated that means that Swamiji’s soul has given birth to that soul. Just like when a mother gives birth to a child, at the time of delivery the umbilical cord is cut and the physical body of the child becomes independent. But, prior to that due to the umbilical connection the values of the mother get instilled into the foetus before birth. Similarly, when a Guru gives birth to the soul of a disciple, meaning bestows self-realisation — then the Satguru’s values are instilled subtly into the disciple’s soul while giving it birth. When this happens the disciple starts talking about meditation with passion and conviction, because now it is the Satguru who is talking through the disciple — the disciple too feels like distributing the knowledge which he has received without any cost!

After the ego or ‘I-sense’ drops away, then the feeling of ‘we’ gets enhanced and the disciple no longer thinks of himself, he starts thinking of the benefit of the collective group of souls who could benefit from this meditation. There is no preaching on this path, everything just happens with divine grace. All the importance is just given to meditation — 30-minutes a day, every day without fail — that’s it! The disciple just has to water the seed of self-realisation implanted subtly in his soul and nurture it until it becomes first a sapling and then a strong tree. Once the disciple has complete faith in the Satguru, then he too starts obtaining the same state as the Satguru’s soul.

The Satguru has an aura of positive energy all around him and when the disciple focuses on the Satguru during meditation, he starts receiving that energy, once that starts happening the disciple too starts developing a good aura. Thus, due to the creation of a good aura of good energy, no bad energy remains with that disciple at all; and when no negative energy remains, then no bad deeds ever take place through that disciple. This is because it is necessary for that person to possess bad energy to perform bad deeds.




Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude

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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude

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