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Nothing is Impossible

In the current trying times I know several people who have come very close to their breaking point. Lots of people have lost their livelihood, near and dear ones have passed away due to the pandemic leaving quite a few people financially and emotionally shattered. But through all this there is always a ray of hope which keeps people going, that is because God actually knows your breaking point and he never intends for you to break! You may think, “I’ve reached my limit. I cannot go on any further like this!” Just remember that if you could not overcome your current situation God would not be putting you in it. God knows you much better than you know yourself.

The problem arises when you have doubts, when you begin to doubt yourself, when this happens then even God cannot help you. This is simply because doubt and faith don’t go together. If you have complete faith then nothing is impossible, nothing at all. Like the saying goes, “Impossible is a word in the dictionary of fools.” If you break up the syllables it just means — ‘I m Possible’. Have confidence first in yourself, then know that God is just testing you and he may appear to have shut the door, but he will always leave a window of opportunity open for you to fly through.

That kind of faith does not come to an impure, selfish mind, so learn to be selfless and humble. The human ego is always a hindrance to progress and will always try to break the door which has been shut by God rather than find the window which he has left open. An egoistic mind will never see the open window and thus you will never find yourself getting out of that situation with ease! Once the ego breaks and falls away, then the world of faith and belief, surrender and acceptance show you the golden path to inner peace.

This path opens up new dimensions as your current nature transforms into your true nature and you become more humane, more loving, more compassionate, more kind and accommodating — all this happens as you face life’s challenges as a witness than as an actual participant. The universe points you in the direction of your spiritual guide for this birth, and once you meet this guide your real inner journey begins.

Under his/her guidance you begin meditation, you turn inwards and start exploring your inner world and you realise that you have embarked on a never-ending journey to inner peace. As more and more dimensions open up, you turn more and more joyous, happy, compassionate, helpful and a source of wisdom and guidance for those who are close to you. You live in the moment and enjoy life to the fullest. For you ‘impossible’ no longer exists!



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