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Nothing Serious About Life

Life is not serious, the individual is serious, man is serious. In life great achievements have taken place because of man’s intensity and strong desire to achieve certain goals. Intensity is very different from seriousness — if you are serious, you can never be intense, you can only be tense. With seriousness you can never be intense and deep, you will always be shallow.

Life is not at all serious — it is just a play with nothing to be achieved and nowhere to reach! Seriousness is objective-drive, it is always end-oriented. This means that you are living in order to achieve something and if you don’t achieve it, then life is meaningless. That is seriousness — the means lies in the end, not in the present moment, not in the here and now! The end has to be achieved. If you achieve it, great, if you don’t, then one feels everything is lost. One becomes serious because one has established conditions in one’s mind that something has to be achieved which will make life ‘meaningful’, and if that does not happen, if the condition is not fulfilled, then life becomes ‘meaningless’, frustrating even!

There is nothing static on earth, everything is in a state of flux, everything is changing with every moment in life — and when life is so dynamic and flowing there is every chance that whatever we plan in life considering all contingencies, something still goes wrong and we don’t achieve our goals. The real beauty of life is its dynamism, the constant change, which makes life interesting for those who learn to go with the flow of life. Adapt, adopt and move on — those who learn to convert every challenge into an opportunity, survive and begin to enjoy life in the moment — the only reality!

If you are ready to exist in any way whatsoever then you have become a part of the ocean of life. Then there are no more waves, there is no rising and falling — you have become the ocean itself. You are now ready to do anything — rise or fall, to be or not to be, once this happens you can flow with everything. The more you flow the more alive you are.

Seriousness requires a release mechanism to release the tension. Laughter becomes a release mechanism for tension, but that is only temporary and the individual goes back to becoming serious. Instead of laughter becoming a release mechanism, if you learn to laugh innocently at the joy in the moment, then this laughter becomes totally different. Make this a way of living, then innocent laughter becomes your nature and seriousness never consumes you.

A person who is one with life, just flows. There is no resistance. Such a person has no resistance. He does not say such and such thing must happen. Such a person has become the whole, with total acceptance of life in the moment. A divine existence means to just flow. If you win, great, if you lose, great — no sweat. Nothing serious about life — just the moment which is reality.



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