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Paramatma Unites Us All

Swamiji always talks about the power of collectivity and how he is connected with millions of souls and how millions of souls are connected to him. When we sit down for meditation and we connect with Swamiji’s subtle presence, then we too connect with the energy of those millions of souls — we feel that as vibrations embracing our being from the crown of our head through the rest of the body.

The reason for this post is because there is a lot of negativity that is prevailing in society today all over the world — but specially in India, America, Europe and China. These countries and continents are key to the future of the economic prosperity of the rest of the world. It is not that we are confronted with outer difficulties such as pandemics, wildfires, hurricanes, floods or the economic distress and so on — this list goes on and on, but this has always been the case to a lesser or greater degree through the ages.

What is more disturbing than those outer conditions is that we seem to be losing our sense of mutual support over the last few decades. The political situation as well as the leadership seems to be introverting and looking out for their own interests rather than the world as one family. That collective strength and sense of sharing economically too seems to be reducing over time. The bonds that we share as a human family and as a community seem to be eroding away.

I think, most of you would probably agree that all the world’s problems seem worse today because we have lost to some degree the common basis for confronting them as a unified team. So many of us feel alienated. All over the world there is a great divisiveness, a sense of isolated camps and factions that keep us separated from each other because the shared moral and spiritual values that form the basis of our civilisation, are being frayed and torn!

This is the time to embrace the spiritual truth which Swamiji talks of — The closer to Paramatma we are, the closer we are to the Truth, the closer we get to each other. The collective bond of universal consciousness binds us together. For that to happen we need to meditate regularly and in collectivity — connect with the divine within each one of us, so that the combined energy forms a positive network of pious collective souls spreading positive vibes all over the planet.

Think of the two sides of a triangle as representing two communities or of a pyramid with the four sides representing different factions. When you are at the bottom you are quite a distance apart, but as you start rising towards the apex you move closer to each other. Paramatma is at the top and as you move closer to him you feel the power of the spirit of unity, you rediscover that togetherness which enables us to say, “Yes, we all have our differences and there will always be differences of opinion, but at the base there is respect, a sense that we are all in this together.” That togetherness is what we have lost by ignoring moral and spiritual truths, by thinking that we can live happily without dharma. Just remember Paramatma unites us all through our collective strength.



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

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