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Prayer Makes Things Happen

Most people pray when they are in need of something or are terribly sick and in need of urgent divine intervention. These prayers do provide relief, but this is only temporary. This is because we approach the divine with a begging bowl, we are always asking for something or the other. We are never in a position to give to the divine. This is the difference — just try offering yourself to the divine and see what transformation takes place.

Tell the universe that your presence on earth may be used for whatever the universe wants to do with it. Give yourself unconditionally and then see the divine play which takes place. Do not resist, just go with the flow and you will notice that things now just happen and you become a witness and willing participant in life’s drama. As you go with the flow, you derive tremendous joy and happiness, because when you give yourself unconditionally then there is no ego involved, there is only joy in doing God’s work. When we treat all of life and it’s happening as God’s work then we feel a sense of peace and calm which is beyond description.

Selfless prayers sent into the cosmos with complete faith and belief create divine healing vibrations and good thoughts which subtly benefit those who are at the heart of your prayers. Your thoughts in subtle form go to the target of your prayers and help them weather the storm that they are undergoing. The person may or may not even know that you are praying for him/her but such person will receive the help that is offered through prayer. Sometimes the prayers are universal and those whose sails are open will catch the prayer and benefit from it.

For people who have strong karma may feel that they are not benefiting from the prayer, but that is not the case as your prayer gives them the moral support and the spine to face their karma with courage and move on in life. One always has to face one’s karma, but with divine help that tough period too passes by in the blink of an eye — divine connection is a source of great support. Prayers from well-wishers are a balm to stressed minds which help cope with issues in a very subtle manner. You get relief from unexpected sources and you wonder how this happened — it is the divine at play!

Karma cannot be alleviated nor can it be extinguished, but your prayers act as an anaesthesia so that the person does not have to go through the operation with pain. Prayer certainly helps in numerous ways; selfless prayer is a powerful practice. Many things can happen through prayer. Radical minds may not accept or understand this, but a sincere prayer that comes from a faithful and selfless heart can truly perform miracles. So have that faith — pray for yourself, pray for others and this will definitely purify your heart.



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

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