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Praying with Total Faith

It is said that real help comes only from God and for that one needs to pray sincerely. Prayer has a certain power which comes from one’s faith and one’s belief in its effectiveness. Just mouthing certain words mentally without any faith or belief, that does not help at all, in fact it may work the other way.

Praying with total faith and belief means God listens to your prayers. Your prayer may or may not be answered — you will be happy if your prayer is answered, but if it is not answered does not mean God has not listened to your prayer, it only means that the time for the solution you are asking for has not yet come. It means it is not in your interest today, as God always has your best interest at heart. Always remember that.

Another thing I have observed is that when prays for oneself the prayer is not answered promptly, but when one prays selflessly for others the result is always positive and it happens within a reasonable time too!

When we pray, we are actually praying to the God within us, we are petitioning the God within, who then guides us on the path to take. Meditation and living in awareness help us connect with the God within, it unifies us with the God within and this ends the confusion caused by duality in life.

One should understand and respect the fact that God may not answer all your prayers. Don’t just trust God when you get everything. Even if just one out 100 petitions you made to God gets answered, you should still have that faith. This could eventually make you aspire to a higher form of prayer where you don’t ask for anything.

Now you pray to God saying that you know what is best for me, I will accept your will and face life as it comes. When this happens you will see that in tough times you get the courage and the wherewithal to face that challenge and it passes by without any serious harm. The more you trust God, the more you will get tested, trust and testing go together!



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Girish Borkar

Girish Borkar

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