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Protect Yourself

Recently Swamiji had sent a message saying, “Save yourself from garbage vans”. Swamiji also says that just like in society, in the spiritual sphere too there are both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ people. My personal stand is that there is nothing ‘good’ and nothing ‘bad’ — everything just ‘is’. But when Swamiji is sending such a message it carries significance — it is basically an alert to both, those who have been part of the meditation movement for a long time, as well as to the newcomers.

In every sphere of life, we find all kinds of people, with different characters, but we can’t run away from all of them — if that was the case — then going to the Himalayas would have been the only option. The trick is to bloom loke a lotus flower — roots are in the muck, but the flower blooms beautifully and the muck is not visible!

When we meditate, the idea is to remain at the soul level, come as close to the soul level as possible. Let the thoughts come and go, just witness them and in due course one notices that there are gaps of silence between the thoughts. Learn to catch that silence and go deeper in that phase, soon we notice that we are entering new dimensions in meditation. The material world is nowhere in the scene anymore, there is blissful silence, peace and calm, a beautiful benign energy envelops the body and caresses it. Remain in soul consciousness, in that state as far as possible.

Sensing your positive energy, people will come and try to dump their garbage in you, they will come with their problems, stories and God knows what else. If the person is close, lend a friendly ear for some time, and then politely, lovingly tell such person to meditate and leave it to the divine, one’s karmas have to be endured and that is exactly what one is doing. If the person is not close, just politely say that you don’t have the time to listen to such stories now, and walk away.

The more people dump their garbage in us, the more our mind gets disturbed, and even though we meditate, the mind does take control and if one lets that happen continuously, then one will definitely fall into the abyss filled with garbage.

Through meditation we should make our aura so strong and our soul consciousness and awareness so powerful that we should be able to sense the garbage van coming from a distance and simply walk away before the van can approach us.

Simple advise — our inner journey is our very own, only we ourselves can complete the last mile connectivity and reach our own inner abode. No one else, not even the Master will help in this. This final journey is our very own — we are all very close, stay focused and don’t let other people’s garbage cause chaos.



Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude

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Girish Borkar

Spirituality ... meditation ... insights ... inner peace ... the journey continues... love and gratitude